Tuesday, January 03, 2006

N. California Solar Living Institute NEEDS HELP

This was off of DailyKos this evening and given the flooding up north, I felt it was very important to post it here.

If anyone can assist, please do so, pass the word, lend support however you can!

Thank you.

N. Cal. Solar Living Institute- WORST FLOOD IN 50 YEARS!
by KumarP [Subscribe]

Tue Jan 03, 2006 at 07:34:01 PM PDT

Yesterday, I blogged about this important matter here. A lot of Kossacks were moved by the plight of this bastion of sustainability here in Mendocino County, CA.
The Solar Living Center is home of the Solar Living Institute, a nonprofit dependent on donations for its existence. The Institute is all about promoting renewable energy and sustainability, and showcases it with many beautiful, walk-through installations at the 12-acre site.
Right now, they really need your help!
Yesterday, I showed pictures of some of the most dramatic damage they incurred, including a fully submerged biodiesel station that sells my company's fuel.
Today, I'd like to present more information from the Solar Living Institute's new flood website:
see below...
KumarP's diary :: ::
The Worst Flood Since 1955 Has Inundated the Solar Living Institute Causing up to $150,000 in Damage.
Volunteers Are Needed for Cleanup(a volunteer sign up form will be available online Wed., Jan. 4)
Donations Are Needed for Our Rebuilding Effort
On early Saturday morning, December 31, the flood waters from the Russian River and Feliz Creek completely inundated the Solar Living Center in Hopland, California, forcing our interns to be stranded and evacuated while the parking lot quickly became 10 feet deep in water.
Soon thereafter the interns' geodesic dome burned to the ground after they had fled, causing us to lose much of our valuable archive material from our sustainable living workshops as well as all of our furniture and kitchen appliances that fed our interns.
Other damage to the site includes the following:
* our brand new yurt floated 150 yards away * two pickups, a vanogan, an intern's car and an employee's car, and our tractor were submerged and destroyed * much of our SolFest signage and event materials were destroyed * most of our natural buildings were damaged or destroyed * all of our storage areas and our maintenance shed are gone * many of our site tools were damaged or destroyed * additional damage was done to landscape, fences, the dock, and the road
The good news is no one was hurt, and nothing was damaged to prevent our 2006 workshop program from continuing operation.
Won't you please help us with a donation to help us rebuild from our losses and create more learning opportunities for our visitors?
Our goal is to raise $150,000 by January 31, 2006.
All donations of $50 or more will be commemorated on our Solar Living Institute Flood Relief Plaque. We encourage our generous donors to put in $100, $500, or $1,000 or more if you can afford it. If each one of our 2500 members put in just $60, we could reach our goal.
Please make an online contribution to our Flood Relief Fund.
Volunteers Needed:
We need all the volunteers we can find to help us clean the site, dump the trash, cleanse the mud, and put our site back together. If you have a few hours or a few days this month to volunteer, please complete our volunteer form. (A volunteer sign up form will be available online Wed., Jan. 4.)
Together we can Rise Up and Be Whole Again!
Thanks for your support!
Thank you for reading this. Yesterday's diary almost made the recommend list- thank you everyone who read it and also to those of you who added tags. I'm really trying to get a lot of Kossacks to see this, as I think it's very much in line with the progressive agenda, and that Kossacks could really help a battered ally get back on its feet.
End of sermon.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


When I heard that we lost 10 Marines in one incident and that Mr. Bush felt the economy and his glad-handing and back slapping of himself was more important then to even MENTION that 10 more are gone and 11 are forever wounded...it further appalled me.

It amazes me how he claims he is a man of God and yet his ability to continue the killing makes my mind reel.

Below are the names of the Fallen Marines...please take a moment to hold them in your thoughts/pray for their souls and their families. There were also four other service people that died the following day.

My heart is heavy for all of those who must now grieve...

Never take what you have for granted...

In Peace,
Barbara, Tirawa and Winston

DoD Identifies Marine Casualties
The Department of Defense announced today the death of 10 Marines who were supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Staff Sgt. Daniel J. Clay, 27, of Pensacola, Fla.
Lance Cpl. John M. Holmason, 20, of Suprise, Ariz.
Lance Cpl. David A. Huhn, 24, of Portland, Mich.
Lance Cpl. Adam W. Kaiser, 19, of Naperville, Ill.
Lance Cpl. Robert A. Martinez, 20, of Splendora, Texas
Cpl. Anthony T. McElveen, 20, of Little Falls, Minn.
Lance Cpl. Scott T. Modeen, 24, of Hennepin, Minn.
Lance Cpl. Andrew G. Patten, 19, of Byron, Ill.
Sgt. Andy A. Stevens, 29, of Tomah, Wis.
Lance Cpl. Craig N. Watson, 21, of Union City, Mich.
All 10 Marines died Dec. 1 from an improvised explosive device while conducting combat operations against enemy forces in Fallujah, Iraq. All 10 Marines were assigned to 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division, I Marine Expeditionary Force, Twentynine Palms, Calif. During Operation Iraqi Freedom, their unit was attached to 2nd Marine Division, II Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward).
Media with questions about these Marines can call the Twentynine Palms Public Affairs Office at (760) 830-6213

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


What a difficult year this has been for America and the World.

As I reflect upon my own personal trials and tribulations that I've struggled with, I am incredibly thankful for all that I have, even when it seems I have so little.
My trip to Louisiana right after Katrina hit has left a profound impression on my soul and in my heart. There are still over a million people that are homeless, displaced or living in unsafe housing as a result, yet these people still are thankful and they humble me.

I see more and more of our military who have come back from war maimed for life, they humble me. I could NEVER have made the sacrifices that they have and face what many will as they journey through life.

This year I am thankful, for my life, my health, my family and my friends.

Take time to help those less fortuante, not just today or tomorrow, but every day. Take time to listen to those in need and help when you can.

Do not forget the hurricane victims and if you can make a trip to the area and assist, please do so.

Do not forget ANY of our veterans from ANY of the wars, if you can, visit a VA hospital and bring them some baked goods, books and good cheer.

Do not forget our homeless children, or our homeless in general...many are now homeless because of no jobs and having lost everything to circumstances...many just need a helping hand to lift them out of their current situation...perhaps yours.

The best to each and everyone for a beautiful holiday season. Make this season, one NOT to forget....help a fellow American. Take time to listen, to love, to care and to act.


In Peace,
Barbara, Tirawa and Winston

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Red and the Horses of Camp Pendlton...continued

This is Red...I will post additional photos.

This is happening on Camp Pendleton and these abuses, neglect and cruelty has been happening to these horses for over 6 years that I am PERSONALLY aware of and apparently since the current Base Stable Manager has been there.

5 years ago I went to the top at Camp Pendleton about the condition of the Base Stables and asked why there needed to be literally hundreds of horses on the Base from Hart Ranch/Corona Cattle.

It seems at that time that the Colonel who was under the CG was oblivious to any of this and if I remember correctly the Inspector General did a inspection and report...now 5 years later, it seems that from the care standpoint of the horses, they failed.

My questions (just mine mind you):

Why are there over 200 "Hart" horses on the Base?
Whose care are they under?
Where are the leases?
Where are the records an each and EVERY horse from Hart Ranch (Corona Cattle) that is housed on Base?
Why are they not being vetted? Why are farriers not caring for their feet? Why are they not being wormed and given their yearly shots?
If they are, then were are all of those records?
Who is paying for the care of these animals (or lack there of) and where are those records?
Why has this been going on for something close to a decade?
Why does the Base Stable Manager still have a job?

The questions go on. So far the only call I have received from the Base in my attempt to get a meeting with General Lehnert (the CG), is a call from a MAJOR from public affairs! Wow, special! When I returned the call today, I was informed by a Corporal that the major was in meetings and would probably not be able to get back to me until next week!

Personally, I want MY questions answered. Then I want criminal charges brought against the people who are starving and otherwise not caring for these poor animals.



Thank you.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

"RED" is dying - The Horses of Camp Pendleton

I named him 'RED', not overly original for a red horse to be named "Red", but his time on earth is coming to an end and I am helpless to do anything.

Red lives on Camp Pendleton. The story of the horses on Camp Pendleton is one that NEEDS to be told and one that FEW know anything about.

The stable manager of the base stable, Don Nunamaker would have you believe that the hundreds of horses that wander the base and those that use to (and probably still do) live in and around the base stable with the 'boarders' are used for their 'riding program'.

Let me tell you a little about my experience with the horses of Camp Pendleton from 1999-2001. I had a horse boarded at the base stables about that time and there were always about 80-100 head of horses that wandered around the stable area (that was one of the trashiest and most dangerous I've ever been around) at will. The thing I noticed about these horses was that they had a HEART shaped brand on their left shoulders.

Long stories wrapped into a short one for this post. HART RANCH owns these horses. "SLIM" Hart you see lives with his wife in Corona, California and he goes and buys horses from killer sales, goes and gets injured race horses and buys from people who are desperate to sell their animals for whatever reason and then he takes them back to his place and assesses them...some go into the 'movies', as they supply the Hollywood horses, some get resold, often at pretty good prices, some go to 'camps' (i.e., Camp Pendleton) and many are put into feed lots and then transported (against FEDERAL LAW) out of California and into Wyoming, then across to Canada to be slaughtered and sold for food to France.

I won't bore you with the details now, but back in 1999-2001, I use to ride the hills of Camp Pendleton (and hike) and saw many horses who were starved, injured and completely uncared for. At that time I blew the whistle on the base stable manager, the colonel who was in charge of MWR and went nose to nose with the Colonel who represented the base Commanding General.

I wanted to know:
  • Why all of these horses were allowed in the 'general population' with our boarded horses and WHO was responsible for them?
  • Why these horses came in and out in the middle of the night and why they seemed to not receive any vet care, shoeing, etc.
  • WHO was PAYING for the board on all of these horses?
  • Where was the lease agreement with Hart Ranch that showed that board was being PAID?
  • Why was there a clear conflict of interest with Hart Ranch/Don Nunamaker (they are related)?
  • Why were we being told that ALL the horses were needed to support the 'riding program'? When in fact, they never needed more then 20 horses at any given time and there were from 150-600 horses from HART Ranch on Camp Pendleton at any given time...apparently for FREE!

I remember that I contacted the human society and the media and there attempt to go on the base to check the welfare of the animals were denied...just one more government coverup.

What all that got me back then was threatened and my own horse injured.

Now fast foward to 2005, I am hiking those hills again and there are roughly 100 plus horses wandering around. RED is one of them and he is older, probably 20 or so and he is STARVING, he is at least 300 pounds underweight and can barely stand. This evening I found him and held his head, I know his time will come soon, you see if the coyotes come he will be unable to get away, he can barely walk and there is no grass on the base that hasn't died. His eyes are so soft, he must have been a great horse at one time and now he is doomed. No one from the Base care for these horses, they forage what they can and die when they become weak. Earlier this spring we came across a dead horse...newly dead, he must have been taken down after he became too week by the coyotes.

Is Red the only one in this shape? Sadly no, he isn't . There are at least 6-8 who are starving, injured or have something wrong with them...they too will die soon.

I am again looking into Hart Ranch. They have (had) a 'main' ranch in Temecula/Murrieta, California for the 'movie' horses, then Slim and his wife have the place in Corona and they will NOT let anyone go into the back areas where the feedlots are that keep the injured horses and those being readied to be shipped ultimately into Canada for slaughter.

Back in '99, '00, I remember finding out that the Colonel who headed up what was then MWR on Camp Pendleton allowed the Base stable manager (Nunamaker) to have some sort of deal with Hart Ranch to keep all the horses on the Base...at that time there was NO money being paid by Hart Ranch to keep the horses, my guess is it is the same 5 years later.

Think of how much the taxpayers have paid for these horses over the past decade at $100/head times on average 200/month. Then think about the fact that alot of these horses will go to slaughter, they aren't used for riding programs, most of them are not sound enough to be ridden and wouldn't that then mean that the Marine Corps and the goverment is now involved with trafficking of horses across borders for the purpose of slaughter, or at the very least, 'fattening' them up so to speak to accomplish the end result.

So there is some food for thought. I will pray for RED...I actually pray that I had a 'cocktail' to give him to put him down with just an ounce of dignity left in his starved body...

I have listed a link to an OLD (1996) blurp that shows you the type of person that "Slim" is...


If anyone knows of PETA reps, or others that would like to do some investigation, I will show them the horses...

Thank you for reading this and for anyone who can help.


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tirawa's Birthday

It has been a while since I have written anything here, or actually anywhere. I guess I needed some 'down' time from the emotions of having been in Louisiana.

This post is about Tirawa, my best buddy and guardian angel. It is his birthday tomorrow and he'll turn 8.

His name is Pawnee Indian, the myth is that Tirawa was the Pawnee creator and sky god. He taught the skills of speech, clothing, fire-making, hunting, agriculture, body-painting, tobacco smoking, religious rituals and sacrifice. In myths and stories he is generally referred to a "father". The heavenly bodies, winds, thunder, lightning, and rain were his messengers.

I lost Nikketa, my malamute/wolf mix who was so very special to me on November 11, 1997...it was a devastating loss, as he was in excellent health and one morning his spleen ruptured and while he made it through surgery, when I sat with him later I knew it was his time...I told him to be at peace and to send me a puppy that could guide me.

In December of 1997, Tirawa came into my life...he has been a guardian angel, good friend and inspiration in my life. He is a malamute/timber wolf who is breathtakingly beautiful and the kindest creature you will ever meet.

He has blessed the lives of hundreds and at abit over a year old, he saved a child from drowning.

The latest thing he and I did as a team was travel 5000 miles roundtrip to Louisiana to assist those in needs. While the conditions were horrific and the heat was insufferable, he NEVER complained...he sensed he was needed, not only by me, but by those that had lost everything and those workers that 'roomed' with us at the church.

I will write about Tirawa and share his many stories of life...he is simply an incredible creature of the universe and I am blessed to be his keeper.

Happy Birthday Tirawa! May you bless my life with many more.

I love you and all you stand for. Most importantly, thank you for showing me that life is about more then materialistic things.

Your human...


Monday, October 10, 2005

November 8 Special Election

Our friend and teammate Judy Jones sent me this info, and I'm passing it along to anyone who might be interested in helping out:

If you're looking for something to do in San Clemente about the upcoming special election -- here's the answer!!

I'm coordinating with the Alliance for a Better California to defeat propostions 74, 75, and 76, and we have a targeted San Clemente precinct to work on. Something in our neighborhood, less time to get to, and an opportunity to work with some neighbors! Plus in San Clemente, you know it's going to be good exercise!

I'd like to start next weekend, meet at the coffee place near North Beach-- near the intersection of Pico and Camino Real for instructions and general organization. Then, walk the precinct just above for about 1 1/2 hours, and probably another one near downtown.

So far, I have several already volunteering for Sunday at 1 pm. If you can make it then, that would be great. If Saturday about 3 pm works for you instead, or in addition -- we can add that time, too. Finally, since we are being asked to continue until we do make contact, some availability during the week would be helpful as well.

Please RSVP with which of the following works for you:
--Sat Oct 15 3 pm to 5 pm
--Sun Oct 16 1 pm to 3 pm
--weekdays, specify time of day available
--phone call, specify times available
--election day Nov 8 available to call, etc.

RSVP and questions to:
Judy Jones

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Who would like to meet at HILL STREET CAFE?

I've had a few folks ask to see photos and talk about the time I spent in Bogalusa and Slidell.

Tomorrow I will be talking with the owners of Hill Street Cafe in Oceanside to see if we could meet in one of their upstair rooms.

Setting this for Thursday around 6:30 p.m. We can socialize from 6:30-7:00. I'll have photos you can look at and I'll give a short talk about Bogalusa and Slidell and also let you know what I am currently doing to assist Slidell High School, St. Tammany Jr. High and Brock Elementary to succeed.

Please RSVP by Wednesday so that I can get a head count...

Also, you can read the post at: http://scoop.epluribusmedia.org/story/2005/10/1/11257/3454
and you'll be somewhat informed.

Hope to hear from you!

In Peace


Saturday, October 01, 2005

Saturday Morning...

Last night myself and several very dedicated people worked for several hours on the dailykos diary that I linked here in another post...it was posted last night (Friday) around 11 p.m....at approximately 12:30 a.m. it made the RECOMMENDED list on dailykos.com.

Now you ask me why I have no life on a Friday? Beats me, so I figure do something worthwhile! Actually I can't remember the last real 'date' I had...but perhaps helping others is more important right!?!

Anyway, the diary is now the TOP RECOMMENDED diary..this is a pretty big thing and I encourage all readers here to follow dailykos.com to help these diaries stay recommended as I write them. Dailykos has huge readership and for what I want to accomplish, it is so very important...

Here is a link to a story that has gotten little attention, but I felt I wanted to share it because of a comment that Mayor Mack from Bogalosa made that while it doesn't seem to matter how mad he gets at the government for their lack of response, the ONE THING that was BETTER was that , the hearses had stopped showing up under his window asking where to put the DEAD BODIES...


Here is another link from 'ePluribus Media'...my diary is FRONT PAGED THERE. These folks are amazing, they are doing 'PodCasts' with me and those can be found there as well. They have agreed to do interviews/updates as we need them!!!


Hope the comments on this site begin...please sign in and comment!

Talk again soon! Have a lovely and safe weekend.

In Peace

Friday, September 30, 2005


Okay, so it is just way too late, but we just did this big diary, so here is the link.

In Peace,


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