Sunday, August 21, 2005

ABC-Salt Lake City, refuses to air advertisement w/Cindy Sheehan

I just sent the following email over to: in Salt Lake City.

As you know, the Shrub feels the need to take a vacation away from his vacation. The mayor of SLC has asked for a MAJOR demonstration when Shrub & Co show up there tomorrow.

ABC refused to air Cindy's ad saying something to the affect that it would 'upset viewers' here is my email to them:

Dear ABC affiliate:

It saddens me that the powers that be at your station refuse to air an ad which reflects a MOTHER of a KIA'd SOLDIER asking for answers. This will upset your viewership how?

I hosted a vigil in Oceanside, California on Wednesday, August 17, 2005 to stand in solidarity with Cindy (whom I know...interestingly enough, she isn't a 'nut' case at all, but a very intelligent, articulate woman who wants answers about this illegal war and that just flat ass scares the press and this administration). I didn't send out the canned 'Press Release', but an invitation for the media to join us.

Oceanside is home to Camp Pendleton, over 20,000 marines are deployed from here and over 500 have shed their blood in Iraq and will not be coming home to families...thousands are walking wounded and their lives have been ruined.

Interestingly ABC and NBC showed up for the vigil in OCEANSIDE, interestingly enough they initially balked. I had told them it would be their loss, not mine, if they chose not to attend, that their viewers would be the ones that would be upset for not having been shown this.

That we who are against the war and who stand in solidarity with Cindy and the Gold Star Families, are not 'peacenuts', 'beatniks', 'hippies, who smoke dope'....last time I checked, I had an advanced degree and am a successful business woman with a history involving the military.

I received calls that out of the 20 vigils held in San Diego alone, that ABC and NBC would both be at Oceanside...they said they would only be there for awhile, then they wanted to go to others.

They came at 6-6:30 p.m.....neither stations left until after 8:30 see, they couldn't. They saw over 200 people coming together, from all walks of lives, Vietnam Vets, Korean Vets, WWII vets and widows and current Iraq vets standing side by side in solidarity. We saw rich, poor, successful and unemployed. We had military wives with children. The news media (including our local newpaper) were drawn in, not only by our message, but by the group itself...

What hit me the hardest and this is when I knew I was doing the right thing, by standing in solidarity with Cindy, was when on the perimeter, numerous young (I call them 'baby') Marines stood and observed...I went to them, introduced myself, told them that I was there for them, to ask questions of our Administration that they cannot, due to being in the military.

These were men under 21, all had done at LEAST 2 tours in Iraq, most were going back within months for a THIRD...their eyes were empty and so sad, so incredibly sad.

I went to hug them and they couldn't bring themselves to hug me...and I told each one to be was then they would put their arms around me and weep.

They did not join our circle, but afterwards they came to me and thanked me and told me what I did was beautiful and not what the press was trying to imply, that we were evil.

So you see ABC4 in Salt Lake is freedom of speech, it is DEMANDING accountability of our Administration, it is about these young guys.

What you are doing is WRONG, just plain WRONG. You can either step up to the plate as the momentum grows to make this Administration accountable, or you can sit back and spew some general b.s. statements as you have been doing.

Again, I ask you, how will airing the Cindy Sheehan ad upset your viewers, except to make them question the Administrations accountability.

With, or without you, AMERICA is going to take AMERICA BACK.


Barbara Schulz


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