Monday, August 22, 2005

From Randy Gold...up LA way!

Am posting this for Randy:

Seems like lots of Southern Californians are heading out to Washington, DC for the anti Iraq war march in September. For those of us who are still debating or who don't know much about what's going on, I've put together a web page ( with info for Southern Californians about transportation to DC, accommodations, and links to the various event organizers (including what's going on in L.A. that weekend.) I thought you might want to post this link in your newsletters, informal distributions and/or blogs/web sites to help spread the idea that going to D.C. is quite doable and is something to consider seriously. I've also posted info about last minute trips to Crawford, TX this week, including a bus leaving from L.A. this Wednesday (8/24) with Gold Star Father, Bill Mitchell. Contact tonia4@earthlink.netOh, and a link as well to the new chart topper "The Ballad of Cindy Sheehan" by Playing In Traffic (from Neighbors For Peace & Justice, Studio City.)Peace,RandyTravel to Washington, D.C. for the Anti-war march (Sept. 24-26)Make your plans for the march on Washington, DC! Many of your local colleagues are already going. Information for Southern Californians on transportation to D.C., accommodations, and links to the various event organizers. Info on the events being planned in DC that weekend (much more than just a big rally, but that's the main event on the 24th), and also info on Los Angeles area events that weekend.


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