Monday, August 22, 2005

The Lone Star Iconoclast

Has it really just been a bit over two weeks since Cindy Sheehan arrived in Crawford?

I remember the morning she was due to be there, I was reading various diaries on DailyKos and thought, damn, no one is mentioning Cindy going to Crawford and we need to get on the press... Me, knowing little to nothing about doing a diary wrote one from my heart, saying, we MUST contact the press and insist they cover her...

I then had my dogs to walk and life to get on with for the day. I checked back an hour or so later and my goodness, my diary had made the recommended list!!! People were thirsty to do this and see Cindy get noticed. So I sat down and contacted press on my own...I did a search for the Crawford paper, it was named the "Lone Star Iconoclast"...I called them, not certain what they would say.

It ends up they were delightful! The gentleman I talked to said that they had heard she was on her way and that they would like to talk with her! So I blogged that along and by golly, this little paper has kicked butt ever since!!!

This is an article that they did on Joan Baez....Joan was in Del Mar with Michael Moore and is amazing (at least to me). For some reason, this article made me cry, I think it was because of what the young man that plays taps did....


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