Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Back in California....


I had hoped to post days ago and then just couldn't figure out my password/username...silly me.

Tirawa and I arrived back in California on Monday. The trip was long, hot, tiring and ever so rewarding.

Later I will post more and include links to the diaries that I posted at I also am going to grovel here abit as I'll be posting future diaries there and hope you will all go over there and recommend them...continuing the work to assist the victims, survivors, refugees and evacuees is so very, very important.

What I cannot get out of my head is that I was NOT suppose to be in a third world country, and yet I am certain I was. The living conditions are life threatening in many of the hit areas and what you DON'T see in the news is anything other then New Orleans.

Most importantly now, I need to get answers to 'my' victims that have yet to have any luck. I also have several people who need to relocate and have to find homes for them.

Have a lovely woman (JOY) and her daughter (Victoria) that I believe we need to 'adopt'. I'd love to see her come here to California, but I can't imagine them being able to succeed here due to the cost of living overall. I am trying to get her housed in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, which is near her family...

More about Joy later!

The photo is of Tirawa and I when we were finally resting in Denton, Texas at a life long friends' of mine after we out ran 'Rita'.

Will I go back? Yes. When? Soon.

In Peace, thanks for the support!

Barbara and Tirawa


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