Friday, September 16, 2005

Checking in

Barbara has been in contact with me on her progress in Louisiana. Here's her last couple of e-mails:

I am here, the damage throughout this region is catastrophic. I am using a computer at a command station in Washington Parrish. Many horses, dogs dead

Horrific. Be thankful for what you have.....


The devastation here is horrific and the help is questionable. Lots of read tape and egos. Want to do a diary on kos, but can't get enough time on a computer.

I'll keep updating as she gets in touch with me. It really sounds like there's not a concerted effort to help the people in the area, unless people like Barb are stepping in to volunteer.


Blogger mia said...

Found a lot of useful info on your site about temecula - thank you. Haven't finished reading it yet but have bookmarked it so I don't lose it. I've just started a temecula blog myself if you'd like to stop by

2:12 AM  

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