Friday, September 30, 2005

Encore Friday!

T and I continue to 'recover' from the trip....spent much of the week resting and fighting fatigue, headaches and joint aches. Tirawa seems just fine!

Yesterday I spoke with Mr. William Percy, who is the principal of Slidell High School! What an inspiring man. The people of the stricken area continue to amaze me with their quiet resolve and determination to continue forward. My heart breaks after each story and my blood boils when I continually hear of the failure of the government.

My plan is to assist Slidell High School, St. Tammany Jr. High School and Brock Elementary....with that being said there is much to do.

Slidell High according to Mr. Percy, took 'moderate' damage, lost most of the roof and alot of RAIN damage, but they did NOT suffer from the storm surge. The various branches of the military were pitching in and getting the school prepared to open on Monday!

Mr. Percy stated that 39 teachers were, and they are going to come back on Monday to teach?!?!?

They will be holding 'homerooms' at the beginning of the day and talking with each student as to his circumstance and needs. (if they are homeless, etc) Mr. Percy will share information with me to assist in getting needed supplies to the school.

I want to do the same for St. Tammany Jr. High which took a 20 foot storm surge (and I thought should be bulldozed) and rumor has it they want to re-open by November and also Brock Elementary, which will be integrated with Florida Avenue Elementary for the time being.

What do they need? EVERYTHING? Not only from a school perspective, but from the thought that so many of these children are displaced, homeless and have NOTHING left.

I will be having a 'get together' in OCEANSIDE (may do one on Sunday if one of my media contacts can get here), probably at the Hill Street Cafe and share photos and some of my stories and thoughts.

If you are interested in getting together, be it Sunday or another day, please call or email me.

More a bit later after I get my film back.

In Peace...



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