Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Exhaustion Sets In

I am not sure where these days are going. I write notes of what needs to get done, then by 9 a.m., there goes that was no different.

I began receiving calls and emails and making arrangements for everything from getting three folks on planes that are in centers in LA, to figuring out what medical professionals need to practice in LA, to reading a letter from the Oceanside City Manager that royally hit a nerve when I was just abit to exhausted to let it role off my back, so I blasted a nice way, but none the less....guess I could post it here later if I figure out the blue blocks that Amanda is trying to teach me!

Spoke to the Governer's office in LA and they are getting fed up with the Red Cross and their inability to function and do anything worthwhile. LA has now set up there own relief fund that goes directly and IMMEDIATELY to the victims...WOW, what a concept.

I spoke to numerous companies to beg for supply donations and it was interesting getting responses. They WANTED to help, but the HIGH UPS (i.e., CEO, CCO CFO, etc) decided to GIVE TO THE RED CROSS or they sent supplies directly.

There's that Red Cross thing again!

Trying to firm up meeting up with a doctor out of Arizona (Dr. L) and 'caravaning' together.

Hmmm, the Orange County Chapter of the Veterans for Peace have hit some snags, so I have thrown an idea to them about sending a van/truck to Oceanside area and staging one here and have it leave on Monday when I leave.

So many calls, so exhausting. I am getting the supplies, I'm being promised alot of water, gatorade, and tons of other stuff.

Sunday will be 'staging' day at 1306 Missouri Avenue, Oceanside 92054, fo those that want to come by with stuff. More details later.

I know there is more to share, but you know what? I'm exhausted...take care...


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