Thursday, September 08, 2005

Feelin' Pretty Rested - Thursday

Turned off my phones last night and SLEPT...for 5 hours, a wonderful feeling.

Winston is doing great with his stitches in his butt and Tirawa is very protective of him as well as being concerned since I am beginning to stage things for leaving.

Finalizing leaving plans with Dr. Levin who will be caravaning with me. He lives in Tempe, AZ and will be meeting me in Tucson. "Team Renegade" comes to mind! Departure is scheduled for 2 a.m. on Monday. Anyone want to stop by and say 'goodbye'!

Additional thoughts on supplies that are essential to be smart about this trip. Rubber boots, hipwaders, orange vests, rope.

The supplies are getting promised. Liz Masters, one of my good clients who rides endurance horses is hooking me up with ALOT of stuff. Bonnie from PEP BOYS in Oceanside (Mission Rd) donated two gas containers, a couple of Pep Boy shirts and she's going to talk to her Marine employees about getting me cami pants (safe and good to wear in these conditions) and she's giving me a pair of combat boots (another must have). I am certain I will be a fashion statement!!

Dr. Levine has the gloves needed, the surgical masks and all the medical supplies.

Still would LIKE a 2 ton jack, generator (although power is coming up in Covington and some of the other towns on a sparatic basis), chain saw.

Dr. L and I have decided to stage out of Covington and probably go to the small towns throughout the parish and help as needed.

Gas/diesel can now be gotten easier in Baton Rouge. I have a contact there where we will rest, get a hot shower, let Tman rest and then hook up a trailer with supplies and head to Covington...about 2 hours away.

Truck is serviced and just needs tires on tomorrow....Discount Tires is making excuses now...ah well, may just have to pay full price. Pray I get them for wholesale at the very least.

Need cases and cases of water, gatorade. Food items that are in packages would be great! Can't imagine how I'm going to survive on processed food for 2 or 3 who eats no fast food and no processed food.

More later!


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