Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hump Day and Preparations Continue.

Didn't get back to writing last night as I returned home at 11 p.m., looked/answered emails and then took care of Winston who now has stitches in his butt and Tirawa who was concerned for his little buddy.

Okay, the preparations continue and I'm getting anxious on several accounts as there is alot to do and supplies still needed.

The great news is that the truck will be going to Weseloh Chevrolet for a 'check up' and I hope to hear regarding tires today and that will be done on Friday. All of this has been DONATED.

Still working on a laptop with wireless capability, do have one offered that is old, but would be fine for me to power up daily and keep a written journal to be edited and published when I return.

Still 'iffy' on a video camera and digital to be used for 3 weeks. Not looking to buy these (although I will probably buy one out of my 'slush' fund that generally goes toward emergencies) and hope one will come through. I have two folks working on this.

Now onto the supplies that I have decided I need for me to live for 2 - 3 weeks in my truck. In no particular order, but all needed. If anyone has any of this stuff, please call me IMMEDIATELY so I can arrange to get the things.

If you care to buy them directly and get them to me, that is great. If you want to donate a gift card to say; CostCo, Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or any sporting store do so and I will go get what is needed. Or if you just want to donate, go to the PayPal donation button, or you can make a direct deposit into the OCEAN RELIEF BANK at US or email me for the Account Number.

Handi-wipes (ALOT OF THEM)
Gas storage cans - 5 gallons (need 6)
10 cases minimum of WATER, 2-3 Cases of Gatorade, 2-3 cases of the Starbucks drink (okay, so this is a luxury, but I'm doubtful there will be good caffeine there)
Toilet Paper/Paper Towels
A GOOD camp knife, one of those with mulitiple talents
Latex gloves (several boxes)
Surgical face masks (several boxes)
Emergency lights and power sources
Heavy duty Extension Cords
Jumper Cables/2 ton jack/tow rope with hooks
Generator (that could possibly stay there)
Camp Stove
Chain Saw (donated, that can STAY THERE)
Fuel Cards!!!!

I will post later, as the day progresses!


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