Friday, September 02, 2005

An Introduction....

As many of you know, I have been thinking about going to the hurricane stricken area...well the decision has been made.

I intend to leave on September 12th. For those of you who pray, pray that this all comes together, for those that meditate or do something else, please send energy toward me for this trip.

The logistics to do this the way I want are huge. I need help, I'm reaching out to everyone here and asking you to pass the word.

What I promise you is that WE collectively, who are all a part of this will make a difference and do good.

I opened a 'donation' account at US Bank. I will give that information later this evening when I begin my 'journal' here. I will also explain how money donations will be used.

I am also working on a trailer to tow with me so that I can take SIMPLE clothing items, shoes, blankets, pillows, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.

So please put on your thinking caps, I need alot of supplies including a laptop with satelite/wireless, a digital camera and a video recorder.

If someone out there wants to go with, all I ask is you know computer stuff and can video.


I'm 47 and traveled extensively throughout the U.S. I've trained horses, been (and still am) a litigation paralegal, am a licensed massage therapist and have just received my real estate license and will be coming back to begin a new career after this trip.

Not a rich person financially, that is another reason for the cry for 'help' here. Live in a small studio in Oceanside California with my two dogs...Tirawa (malamute/wolf) and Winston (jack russell). They will go with me, Winston will be 'farmed' out at a good friends in Austin Texas, Tirawa will make the trip. I'll post pictures when Amanda tells me how!

I have bills like everyone, I'm struggling somewhat, but not as bad as those refugees in the hurricane zone. I'm going to suck up my pride and ask those that I pay monthly if they will forgo ONE month of my bills...we will see.

So far I've contacted the Oceanside City Council and North County Times, no replies yet, but it is a three day weekend...

I need to eat something now and relax abit and make notes, lots of notes, as I think of things I must write them down....

Please join me in my journey...beginning here and now. I welcome you. I welcome your questions, concerns, thoughts and prayers.

Together we will help those who have nothing, we must, we are all Americans and humans.

I intend to help both the humans and the creatures, I've been trained to handle both in a crisis.

In Peace



Anonymous Alaskan Malamutes said...

LOL, but isn't life always like that. BTW I have been trying to find a good alaskan malamute breed do you have any ideas? Nancy

5:18 PM  

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