Thursday, September 01, 2005

Letter to the Editor

I can't imagine they will publish this, but stranger things happen and perhaps fish will fly.

I will be writing more later many thoughts in my mind and so much heartbreak in my heart. It seems I may need to go to the Gulf to assist...perhaps protesting in Washington isn't as important, but that will all be discussed in a later 'blog'...

This presidency has failed, totally and completely. This Administration has proven to be nothing more then a group of lying, self-righteous people who haven't a clue what it is to live any type of a moral life.
Mr. Bush MUST step down, as must his entire Administration.
We as Americans have been lied to for the entire 'reign' of King George and his Merrymen. We are in a war with no justification and that was begun on lies. We now are seeing the worse catastrophy in American history and our National Guard is in Iraq, the military equipment is in Iraq, the MONEY has all gone to Iraq (Oh, and to HALLIBURTON), something like a half a TRILLION dollars so far.
There are thousands that have lost their lives, HUNDREDS of thousands that are refugees, Americans are shooting at Americans, there is no law and order and did I mention that our NATIONAL GUARD is in IRAQ?
King George, you are pathetic. Your taking vacation during war was appalling enough. The fact that you continued your vacation and and thought bought and paid for photo ops were more important then LEADING during a NATIONAL DISASTER...well, that is just CRIMINAL.
King George, step down, we don't trust you anymore. You have compromised AMERICA for over 3 years with your illegal war and now our own country is sinking.


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