Monday, September 05, 2005

Monday...morning came about much too quickly...

Good Morning!

Well, did get to bed around midnight last night and then up at about 4 a.m....too old for this stuff.

I'm getting some amazing calls and emails and am truly beginning to believe that this trip and effort on my part is meant to happen.

Last night I spoke with a representative of in Baton Rouge and they need assistance with distributing items and I told them I'd have a truck and if they can get a trailer and load it I'll stop by and hook up and take it to Washington or Jefferson Parish. Please visit their website and see what you can do.

Also am in touch with Veterans for Peace, which is one of the buses from Camp Casey that has now set up in Covington, LA. Go to their site and they have ADDRESSES where to send things directly. Patrick's email is also there as well as a cell number:

I've also been contacted by a doctor in Arizona who has asked if he could catch a ride with me! We will talk later to figure it out. There have also been a half dozen others seeking rides to the area, if anyone else is planning to travel to the area.

A great place to see what is happening and post things is. and go to their forums/volunteers board.

I had hoped to post how much we have in donations, but since the account is new, I don't even have a pin number yet to access it! I do know (from having rec'd confirmation from various people) that there is at least $300 in there!

I've had donations of 5 cases of water for myself and a portable/folding bed. It looks like the reality of getting a video camera donated for a few weeks will happen and possibly a laptop, but still working on that one.

What is important to say here at this time is that when you go into an area with the damage that there is in LA, MS and AL, you MUST have all your ducks in a row. That means that my truck MUST be in top working order and I must have the supplies that I need to survive for the 14 days I will be there under the worse of to do this safely it takes alot.

Should my truck breakdown in the hurricane area, I DOUBT I can call AAA and ask for a tow...

This is NOT a vacation, I will NOT be staying in luxury hotels/motels...I suspect I will be sleeping in the back of my pickup the majority of the time and setting up my little 'sun shower' for quicky washings.

I do anticipate 20 hour days, in the 90's with 100% humidity. I do anticipate fatigue like I've not experienced in years. I do expect to be emotionally drained by the experience.

So again, if you can help, please donate what you can...fuel cards are so welcome! If you want to donate FOR the refugees, right now until I know if I'll be towing a trailer...I might suggest PHONE CARDS...I can put them all in a shoebox and distribute them to refugees in San Antonio and Houston.

It is beginning to look like I"ll be going the '8' to the '10', that puts me through San Antonio and Houston...a good thing as I have family in SA and friends in Houston.

To Baton Rouge is 1707 miles. It will be another 150 or so to the towns I will be in ultimately.

Until later and In Peace.



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