Sunday, September 04, 2005

Pastor Dan's Posting from Dailykos....

Brothers and Sisters (pray for New Orleans) by pastordan

Let us join together in a time of great anguish to pray for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, for our leaders, and for ourselves.

For the victims:
We remember those displaced by enormous catastrophe whose houses were destroyed by water, wind and fire; who were left unemployed, their places of business smashed; who are sheltered far from home, frightened, alone, their lives disrupted; who may never be able to return to the city they have lost. Protect and deliver them. We remember those trapped in the city: who awaited help for long hours and days; who were trapped in attics and upper floors; who were forced to endure privation, terror, hunger and thirst; who stole to stay alive;who died from murder, suicide, lack of food and medicine; who called out for help that never arrived. Show them compassion.

We remember the rescue workers who tried to fight fires without usable water; who watched their levees and their city collapse helplessly; who plucked untold numbers from wreckage and water; who transported thousands; who did all they could; who stayed on the job far past the breaking point; who called out for help that never arrived. Sustain and heal them.

We remember the dead:
The grandmothers and grandfathers;the infants and children; the unlucky; the poor; the victims of violence and indifference; all who called out for help that never arrived. Accept them into your mercy and grant all that they were denied in this life.

For our leaders:
We remember those who acted courageously and with foresight; who did their duty and more; who wept for those they could not protect; who marshaled every resource they could find; who pushed themselves to their limits and beyond; who begged for help that never arrived. Give them thanks and praise; prosper the work of their hands.

We remember those who were overwhelmed by disaster; whose radios ceased to function; whose plans were inadequate; whose leadership collapsed; whose offers of assistance were spurned; Comfort and protect them.
We remember those who failed the victims through ignorance, confusion, or hard-heartedness; who fell victim to confusion and inaction due to their lack of leadership; who failed to evacuate the city quickly; who did not prepare adequately; who ignored the need to prepare;who stole the protection of 400,000 persons for an immoral war; who did not know where assistance was needed; who did not provide assistance in time; who waited for paperwork instead of acting; who vacationed at a time of crisis; who congratulated themselves; who held press conferences instead of helping; who halted or faked help to burnish their own image; who promised help that never arrived.Forgive them and cleanse our hearts of anger toward them.

For ourselves:
We remember that we are sometimes held back: we are afraid to risk what we have; we are stretched thin and unsure of our abilities; we are indifferent; we are apathetic; we are depressed and grieving; we are angry and outraged, and we sometimes misuse our emotions; we are tempted by the lure of the easy way out.Forgive us and equip us.

We remember that we have tremendous power for good: we can give our money; we can give our time; we can give our energy; we can open our homes; we can open our hearts. Motivate us to ever-greater action.

We remember that we can demand change:
we can demand adequate planning; we can demand adequate and timely response; we can demand adequate environmental protection; we can demand that resources not be diverted for political aims; we can demand that resources be shared equally, and for the good of all; we can demand that those who have failed be held accountable; we can demand that justice be done; we can demand that help always arrives.

May it ever be so!


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