Saturday, September 10, 2005

Saturday--Less then 48 hours now.

I will be gone at a clients' all day today, so nothing will be accomplished. Liz went shopping for supplies for me and refugees in LA and will no doubt load me up, such an incredibly generous woman.

Truck just needs a bath and is otherwise ready. Tomorrow is "Wally World" and CostCo day. Then packing everything Sunday afternoon, fueling the truck and to bed EARLY.

I'm abit concerned about the fuel thing, as I haven't enough cash to cover it, but things will work out....

The news we've heard from Washington Parish is that they are still in desparate need of so much. Generators, chain saws are on the top of their lists, along with BobCats, Trackers, skid loaders, etc.

Dr. Levine and I will do what we can, I am certain we will make a difference.

In Peace.


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