Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday...Preparation begins.

Here is a website that MUST be read:

Wow! People are mobilizing. I just got off the telephone with some folks in El Cajon that are putting together donations necessary in the way of SIMPLE clothes, diapers, medical supplies, shoes, blankets and so forth.

They have had a very rich individual offer to charter a 737. If this is true, there will be a huge amount of space for donations.

These are people that feel that it is necessary to get things to the people and want to see 100% get to the refugees, not maybe 50% after the fact as happens with the various organizations.

I am coordinating with them.

Phone calls are being made for what is needed for me to travel safe there. Anyone who has connections and can make calls please do so.


Tires - for a 2003 Duramax Diesel Chevy Truck HD 3/4 ton.

A Chevy dealership to do a complete check of the above truck and perform an oil change, fuel filter change, check brakes, shocks/struts, etc.

Trailer for donations

Donations for fuel for the trip

Laptop w/satelite
Digital camera/video recorder

Later today, after I make calls, I will post a 'wish list' and we will then see what happens.

PAYPAL will be set up later today on this site, also I have a 'donation' account set up at US BANK. You can go into any US BANK and deposit whatever you can afford to. Please contact me directly for the account number.

Accounting of all donations will be done and posted here as I have time. Money will be used for fuel and expenses. I am hoping all the supplies and requests will be donated directly and not need to be bought.

If I take a trailer into Texas and unload at one of the refugee spots, it is my hope to coordinate in that town to have a load ready and take it into the hurricane area...perhaps Covington, LA.

Yes, I have room for a rider, perhaps two...but I'm definitely taking one dog.

Also, there are a number of mid-wives that want to go and assist IMMEDIATELY. I will get more contact information on the other efforts in Southern California and post them here.

Please donate what you can...look for the paypal to be up within the next few hours.

Or US BANK: "OCEAN RELIEF FUND" (contact me for the account number)


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