Monday, September 05, 2005

Thrilled to see this.....

(Editor's note and an introduction: Christine is a guest blogger from the Midwest who is keeping us in touch with local activism outside of California.)

This sure makes me proud to live in the northern Midwest. Minnesota is doing so much to help.
My own hotel has shipped out tons of clean bedding,pillows and blankets as of today I believe. Still businesses are gathering everything to help these people.

I have to say...If it wasnt for the small towns, and communities and people like us getting help for these people, they would still all be sitting there. Because I truly believe our government aint doing enough.
Minnesota mayors are banding big time to help these people, and the local governments are doing fine. Its our higher government(ie the President and his yahoos) that have taken so long to get help.

Lets hope this all continues. Im seeing good stuff happen finally, but not because the government has stepped in.

Good luck to all who work at helping these people and God bless them. To those who turn their backs, and drag their feet....I hope you sleep well at night, because if it was me, the guilt would eat me alive.


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