Tuesday, September 06, 2005

VERY QUICKLY...more late tonight

Very busy day. Started it off with calls in the middle of the night and emails requesting various information, offering various things and feeling overwhelmed before 5 a.m.

Then coming back from the walk with Tirawa and Winston (the 'boyz'), my landlords' dog ATTACKED Winston and off to the vet he had to go. The casual indifference of my landlord just about unhinged me. Jerk.

I am waiting for a call from the regional person at Discount Tires, but it sounds positive and I'm guessing I'll have donated tires.

Mike Weseloh at Weseloh Chevrolet has agreed to get my truck in for servicing and is 'donating' general maintanence and if any 'bigger' things need to be done, we will discuss and work something out. WOW!

I will do a more complete posting later, need to go try and lease/sell a horse.


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