Friday, September 09, 2005


I am humbled, truly humbled. While I haven't received as many cash donations as I need, I am still going and things will work out.

That being said, to those who have donated, 'thank you' is not enough, how can it be, we all work so hard for our dollars these days and things are tight, so the sacrifices you all have made...well, save it to say we will make a difference down there.

Here is how things are 'washing out' so to speak.
Weseloh Chevrolet - Carlsbad - took care of the truck
Discount Tire - Vista Way location (Rafael manager) came through with a HUGE discount (60% or more)
Dr. Levine - Tempe, AZ - who is paying for the tires and assisting with fuel costs
PepBoys - Mission St (Oceanside) - Bonnie and Crew - fuel containers, combat boots, camis and miscellaneous supplies

Still lookin' for a video camera!!!

Off to get the tires!

In Peace and ready to make a difference!
Barbara & Tirawa!!


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