Thursday, October 27, 2005

Red and the Horses of Camp Pendlton...continued

This is Red...I will post additional photos.

This is happening on Camp Pendleton and these abuses, neglect and cruelty has been happening to these horses for over 6 years that I am PERSONALLY aware of and apparently since the current Base Stable Manager has been there.

5 years ago I went to the top at Camp Pendleton about the condition of the Base Stables and asked why there needed to be literally hundreds of horses on the Base from Hart Ranch/Corona Cattle.

It seems at that time that the Colonel who was under the CG was oblivious to any of this and if I remember correctly the Inspector General did a inspection and 5 years later, it seems that from the care standpoint of the horses, they failed.

My questions (just mine mind you):

Why are there over 200 "Hart" horses on the Base?
Whose care are they under?
Where are the leases?
Where are the records an each and EVERY horse from Hart Ranch (Corona Cattle) that is housed on Base?
Why are they not being vetted? Why are farriers not caring for their feet? Why are they not being wormed and given their yearly shots?
If they are, then were are all of those records?
Who is paying for the care of these animals (or lack there of) and where are those records?
Why has this been going on for something close to a decade?
Why does the Base Stable Manager still have a job?

The questions go on. So far the only call I have received from the Base in my attempt to get a meeting with General Lehnert (the CG), is a call from a MAJOR from public affairs! Wow, special! When I returned the call today, I was informed by a Corporal that the major was in meetings and would probably not be able to get back to me until next week!

Personally, I want MY questions answered. Then I want criminal charges brought against the people who are starving and otherwise not caring for these poor animals.



Thank you.


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