Sunday, October 23, 2005

"RED" is dying - The Horses of Camp Pendleton

I named him 'RED', not overly original for a red horse to be named "Red", but his time on earth is coming to an end and I am helpless to do anything.

Red lives on Camp Pendleton. The story of the horses on Camp Pendleton is one that NEEDS to be told and one that FEW know anything about.

The stable manager of the base stable, Don Nunamaker would have you believe that the hundreds of horses that wander the base and those that use to (and probably still do) live in and around the base stable with the 'boarders' are used for their 'riding program'.

Let me tell you a little about my experience with the horses of Camp Pendleton from 1999-2001. I had a horse boarded at the base stables about that time and there were always about 80-100 head of horses that wandered around the stable area (that was one of the trashiest and most dangerous I've ever been around) at will. The thing I noticed about these horses was that they had a HEART shaped brand on their left shoulders.

Long stories wrapped into a short one for this post. HART RANCH owns these horses. "SLIM" Hart you see lives with his wife in Corona, California and he goes and buys horses from killer sales, goes and gets injured race horses and buys from people who are desperate to sell their animals for whatever reason and then he takes them back to his place and assesses them...some go into the 'movies', as they supply the Hollywood horses, some get resold, often at pretty good prices, some go to 'camps' (i.e., Camp Pendleton) and many are put into feed lots and then transported (against FEDERAL LAW) out of California and into Wyoming, then across to Canada to be slaughtered and sold for food to France.

I won't bore you with the details now, but back in 1999-2001, I use to ride the hills of Camp Pendleton (and hike) and saw many horses who were starved, injured and completely uncared for. At that time I blew the whistle on the base stable manager, the colonel who was in charge of MWR and went nose to nose with the Colonel who represented the base Commanding General.

I wanted to know:
  • Why all of these horses were allowed in the 'general population' with our boarded horses and WHO was responsible for them?
  • Why these horses came in and out in the middle of the night and why they seemed to not receive any vet care, shoeing, etc.
  • WHO was PAYING for the board on all of these horses?
  • Where was the lease agreement with Hart Ranch that showed that board was being PAID?
  • Why was there a clear conflict of interest with Hart Ranch/Don Nunamaker (they are related)?
  • Why were we being told that ALL the horses were needed to support the 'riding program'? When in fact, they never needed more then 20 horses at any given time and there were from 150-600 horses from HART Ranch on Camp Pendleton at any given time...apparently for FREE!

I remember that I contacted the human society and the media and there attempt to go on the base to check the welfare of the animals were denied...just one more government coverup.

What all that got me back then was threatened and my own horse injured.

Now fast foward to 2005, I am hiking those hills again and there are roughly 100 plus horses wandering around. RED is one of them and he is older, probably 20 or so and he is STARVING, he is at least 300 pounds underweight and can barely stand. This evening I found him and held his head, I know his time will come soon, you see if the coyotes come he will be unable to get away, he can barely walk and there is no grass on the base that hasn't died. His eyes are so soft, he must have been a great horse at one time and now he is doomed. No one from the Base care for these horses, they forage what they can and die when they become weak. Earlier this spring we came across a dead horse...newly dead, he must have been taken down after he became too week by the coyotes.

Is Red the only one in this shape? Sadly no, he isn't . There are at least 6-8 who are starving, injured or have something wrong with them...they too will die soon.

I am again looking into Hart Ranch. They have (had) a 'main' ranch in Temecula/Murrieta, California for the 'movie' horses, then Slim and his wife have the place in Corona and they will NOT let anyone go into the back areas where the feedlots are that keep the injured horses and those being readied to be shipped ultimately into Canada for slaughter.

Back in '99, '00, I remember finding out that the Colonel who headed up what was then MWR on Camp Pendleton allowed the Base stable manager (Nunamaker) to have some sort of deal with Hart Ranch to keep all the horses on the that time there was NO money being paid by Hart Ranch to keep the horses, my guess is it is the same 5 years later.

Think of how much the taxpayers have paid for these horses over the past decade at $100/head times on average 200/month. Then think about the fact that alot of these horses will go to slaughter, they aren't used for riding programs, most of them are not sound enough to be ridden and wouldn't that then mean that the Marine Corps and the goverment is now involved with trafficking of horses across borders for the purpose of slaughter, or at the very least, 'fattening' them up so to speak to accomplish the end result.

So there is some food for thought. I will pray for RED...I actually pray that I had a 'cocktail' to give him to put him down with just an ounce of dignity left in his starved body...

I have listed a link to an OLD (1996) blurp that shows you the type of person that "Slim" is...

If anyone knows of PETA reps, or others that would like to do some investigation, I will show them the horses...

Thank you for reading this and for anyone who can help.



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was so sad to read your story. I grew up volunteering at the Pendleton stables. Every weekend and after school whenever i could. THere were about 25 stable horses at that point. Then there were the boarders who, rather than leasing a pen, had thier horses turned out with the stable horses. I have wonderful memories of times with friends and stablehands, lessons, shows, and lots of rewarding hard work. Abou the time I moved (dad was transferred) management changed hands. I remember i didn't like the new manager very much. i would have to guess that it has changed at least once in the intervening years, and I'm sorry it seems to have gon e down hill. Thanks for bringing it to people's attention, though. :-(

1:15 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bought a Hart horse in October. I am pretty sure she was drugged or sedated when I rode her, because when she arrived in my barn, she was basically "wild" and I have had to start at ground zero and get her to trust people. Thank goodness for natural horsemandship methods. She is coming around and she is amazing. But I would never do business with these people ever again. Especially after reading the stuff about the ranch on the internet.

9:16 PM  
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Anonymous TJ Sapunarich said...

That's a damn same!!! I was a member of the Camp Pendleton Mounted Color Guard back in the 80's when Mr. Step was running the stables and it was a great place to be. Even though I worked in the Brig I spent my weekends and most of my time off at the stables. We were under the guidance of Sgt Grady Freeman and tended to our Lepazauners (misspelled I know)on a daily basis. They were the pride of the base back then and I'd love to know what happened to them.

-Sgt. Sap

8:18 AM  
Blogger Madison said...

I had considered Camp Pendleton for my horses in 1993...

The stable horses that were in corals looked good and I didn't happen across any horses while riding, thank goodnes because that would have caused nightmares had I seen abandoned animals like that!

Is this still happening?

Madison D

12:14 PM  
Blogger Navy_wife said...

My husband is currently at Camp Pendleton and I pass by the stables about once a week. Before I moved here, he asked if I wanted to bored the horse I have had for over 16 years right here on base. I said I would check out the barn once I got here. I was amazed how horrible those stables are. It is pretty easy to tell which horses are boarded or not. It's sickening to think that the military lets this happen. I have seen malnurished horses there everytime I pass by. Then again, I have seen an upper lever dressage horse in the arena too. I would NEVER let my horse set foot on those grounds. I was also at the stables at MCAS Miramar. AMAZING stables. wonderful arenas and much better care of horses.

9:38 PM  
Anonymous the pony lady said...

What you report re- Camp Pendleton Stables really is a shame, and more. I can give you some history on the place, and maybe some advice, too. I volunteered at Camp Pendleton, assited the Color Guard, (HEY Sgt. Sap!) did riding instruction, guided trail rides, assisted with shows and rodeos, eventually hired on as cashier and later as assistant manager. My experience there spanned several managers, and was broken by a few trips to NAS Memphis (where I also worked at the stables). Bill Stepp was an awesome manager, and superb horseman. He had put a great many very well thought out and very effective programs into place. He acquired excellent, strong horses from places like the King ranch and others, and for many years he and the local vet out of Fallbrook worked closely together to keep a terrific breeding program going. The horses were federally owned, and Bill was doing the buying, breeding and managing as a federal employee, on behalf of the marines. He put his heart and soul into it, making it the best place he possibly could, for marines and their families, and for the horses. The first stallion I was familiar with there was Joker Bill, the only surviving stallion in a direct line from the original Joker B - foundation sire of the Appaloosa breed. He was trained in the old style of western pleasure, with a genuine three-beat lope and two beat jog, and a head-set designed for a working horse. He covered registered mares primarily with foundation quarter horse breeding, and sired a lot of excellent horses, who were raised initially over on the pastures surrounding the rodeo grounds, and then brought to the stables at about age 4 to be trained as lesson and trail mounts. Most of Joker Bill's get were registered as appaloosas, and some of them were really talented, even though they only worked on the base, and didn't get lots of points, or recognition from the breed. At that time, the mounted color guard rode black quarter horses, that Bill had gone to great lengths to find and train to the necessary level. Joker's successor was Rain Cloud, a quarter horse stallion I helped to train. He was crossed over many of the same mares, and some of their foals, but he had a tendancy to pass on short, straight pasterns and big, clunky heads, so I was never as fond of him as I was of Joker. Stepp also had a terrific feed program in place: hay was brought in, 40 tons or so of small square bales at a time, and the marines stationed on the base stables for special duty assignments were directed to push the bales through an elaborate sweet feed mill, adding vitamins and minerals, and molasses from a 300 gallon tank under the ground out in front of the bunk house (which may have since been destroyed by the EPA). All of this was done to exacting specifications from the contract veterinarian. The horses, both boarded and federally owned, were then fed two 5 to 8 lb. flakes of top quality alfalfa hay, plus two huge scoops of sweet feed, twice a day. They were also on a very specific and well documented shoeing and vaccination program, etc. They were strong, healthy, some were almost fat, and many were remarkably well trained and competitive in shows, as well as making excellent riding horses for the many guided trail rides that were conducted through the beautiful desert terrain of the base, all day long except on Monday, throughout the year. 2 horse shows and one rodeo were held each year, with special guests from the music and movie industries, and some of the best known cowboys in rodeo history rode at those rodeos (many of them weren't famous yet; they were just good cowboys on active duty in the military). Things started to go downhill late in Bill's career. The base administration changed, from folks who suported the objectives and concepts of the stables, to others who seemed to feel that life was made for golf, and apparently wanted all the money to go to the golf course and swimming pool. They seemed to believe fervently that there was no place left for horses in the military, or for old, dried up retired colonels with cavalry experience, like LtCol. Stepp. I was told (but don't know if it was true) that the base general had a feud going with the general in charge of another base to the north, where a lot of money was being spent and a great deal done to improve their stables, and their palomino color guard was getting a lot of attention, even from the white house. I visited the place once, and didn't think it was all that great, but the pervasive attitude there was one of pride of accomplishment, and dedication to a promising future. The Pendleton general (or possibly somebody under him) reacted in knee-jerk fashion, but not being a horse person himself, his ideas were not really very viable. Bill Stepp went nose to nose with several admin-level folks back then, and they applied a lot of political pressure to get him to do things he felt wouldn't work, didn't make sense, and were not a good idea. The pressure was extreme - I remember him looking soooo haggard after meetings with them! Eventually they forced him from his possition, and in response his system failed - he had heart problems, and passed on shortly after. I then had to follow my husband to NAS Memphis, and was gone for a spell, after which I came back to find things very definitely changed for the worse. A colonel from MWR explained to me and several others that after Bill Stepp's "reign", a Gunnery Sgt. was placed in charge of the stables with direct orders to do everything in his power to disassemble, destroy, eliminate, and generally disrupt everything Bill Stepp had put in place, ostensibly because Stepp had governed the place so completely and placed so many specific programs into operation, with such clear-cut and precise operating proceedures (which nobody seemed to have the expertise to figure out) that suposedly the place was being operated as if it were Bill Stepp's private stables, not as if it were the federal government's property. This line of thinking concluded that the only way to make the stables operate as a federal facility was to take the entire "deck of cards", toss it in the air, and skatter the pieces to the wind. Then it would be the job of whomever they put into management next, to create a working stable out of what was left, while simultaneously not spending more than alloted, and giving a good deal of the profits to the golf course and swimming pool. The move was said to have been predicated by rational thinking, but was so transparently vindictive and so thoroughly destructive as to raise the ire and frustration of many boarders and enlisted military staff. But the Gunny was under direct orders from his command, and as a marine he did his very best to carry them out, regardless of what his personal opinion may have been. According to what I heard from people who were there at the time, he ordered his crews to pull apart the sweet feed mill and scatter its parts over 100 acres of land, he sold off large numbers of high quality registered horses for almost nothing - even gave away the harnesses with the pregnant-and-soon-to-deliver draft mares, to sweeten the deal with the killer-buyers; he halted the breeding program and handed out antique McClellan saddles, still in use, to various people all over the base, and conveniently created records that indicated the like-new cavalry saddles were worn out beyond function, and were therefor trash. When he had done all he could to eliminate every sign or vestige of anything Bill Stepp had put into place, another civilian manager came to replace him - and one thing after another, stupid stuff seemed to plague the place. I wanted desperately to re-instate the sweetfeed program, and the manager seemed at first to be in agreement, until after a staff meeting. I still thought it would be possible to do, as one of the marines told us they'd felt bad about taking the machinery apart, and that none of the pieces were damaged in the process, but would just need to be found. He even new where they were, as he was on the detail to distribute them to the fields. I tried to put in a proposal to rebuild it, but after the manager's staff meeting, I was told I would have to prove that it could be re-assembled and operated for less than it would cost to order feed from outside sources, and that it would produce feed at less than it could be obtained for in pre-manufactured form, from outside sources. Things went from bad to worse. For a while I thought we might see an improvement in the suport we were getting, when somebody from the eastern US (who had heard what went on) gifted the stables with seven lippizzan brood mares, at least one of which was pregnant to a very well-bred stallion. The horses would become the new color guard, and if that had been handled well politically, it might have provided the impetus to resurect interest in a well operated and thriving stable. But the manager over me was disinterested in the color guard, and dishonest, too. She put some of the mares into harness as draft horses, supplied less that enough guidance to the color guard, sold the lippizzan colt rather than re-initiate any sort of breeding program, started hauling horses out to off-base activities rather than supporting base projects, dreamed up budgets out of thin air without any foundation in fact, and eventually made her exit, leaving a shambles in her wake, too. Then another manager came in who wasn't much better, having demonstrated a lack of rational thinking to all who cared to see, even before she got hired. And no matter who was in charge, the upper levels of MWR seemed to be actively opposed to making anything happen that would have made sense or been suportive. Horses were bought from disreputable sources, feed and other programs were slashed to create money to beef up badly designed budgets, and dishonesty was rampant. The only really golden moment was when the Russian soldier exchange was taking place, just prior to the end of the cold war, and everybody at all levels pulled in harness together, to hold an invitation-only rodeo, and several other activities, to welcome the foreigners and show them that the US was not filled with vicious enemies, but with cooperative people, eager to behave well, patch up differences, and usher in a new era of peace. (SO WHERE DID ALL THAT COLLABORATIVE AND COOPERATIVE COMERADERIE WITHIN THE RANKS AND ADMINISTRATORS DISAPPEAR TO, AFTER THE RUSSIAN SOLDIERS WERE GONE?) I finally left the place in despair, after having been the victim of more mismanagement and dishonest dealing. I operated my own training business in Bonsal for a while, before returning to my home state of Colorado. I lost track of what was happening at the stables, but I'm sure sorry to hear of this. While I was still there, we received several calls from somebody offering us "hundreds of free horses" to use in our programs if we'd just feed them and house them during the "off season", and I adamantly recommended turning down the offers, which came frequently, and with a hard-sell approach, for several years. But then I adamantly recommended re-instating the breeding program, and feeding nutritious, high quality feeds, and not purchasing old, worn out horses from disreputable sources. And those suggestions had already not been followed, so no doubt the first time somebody besides me got one of those calls, that was the beginning of what is there, now.
Interestingly, the Pendleton stables used to be a BLM holding facility; we got in wild horses and burros, and held them for adoption in the rodeo grounds arena during part of the year when the arena wasn't needed for shows, rodeos, or clinics. The BLM has very stringent guidelines for their holding facilities and for the suitability of care provided. Perhaps that would be one direction to go in, to find federally employed horse people who might have influence enough to change the face of things. I highly recommend NOT going to PETA. Read the paperwork they provide - their aim is NOT to ensure the proper care of animals, but to eliminate captive animals of any kind, for any reason, and all activities in which animals are included. (They tell me that fishing is inherently cruel and must be eliminated). They were the impetus behind Boulder, Colorado passing laws to make it illegal to show or display animals of any kind within city limits, so no more breed shows for cats, dogs, or horses, no more pony birthday parties, and no more hawks and snakes brought to the elementary schools to teach kids about conservation. They will advocate for the elimination of the entire stables. In that case, all of those military people and their dependents who are currently able to have a place (albeit not a great one) to keep their horses and to pursue horsemanship - will loose that opportunity. Believe me, being a soldier or the family of one is hard enough, without loosing your horse, too. Horsemanship provides great benefits in terms of recreation, moral and welfare, but it provides even more than that... stuff that people don't often think of, but I've built my business around it. GOOD horsemanship requires self control, empathy, dedication to duty, responsibility, cooperation, leadership, and analytical, sequential and rational thinking. It builds confidence, self esteem, and physical prowess, and it is steeped in tradition. For all of those values, I believe GOOD horsemanship BELONGS on Camp Pendleton, and I believe all US Marines and other service members should have access to the promise, the history and the legacy of horsemanship here in the United States, from the first horses on the continent to the use of horses in war and postal service, to horses in the olympics, in therapy, and in educational and rehab programs. If they offered me the possition of Manager of the Camp Pendleton Base Stables, I would take it, and THAT is what I would consider my objective. The base stables was a profitable enterprise once, but it was not about profit - it was about freedom, national pride, horsemanship, and soldiers; and it ought to be worth spending some money on, to get it back to being that. One more word of advice, for you, if you want to try to change things: You will catch more bees with honey than with vinegar. The powers that be are usually interested in padding their own coffers, pinning badges on their own chests, and filling their own resumes with impressive accomplishments. Rather than pointing out all of the horrors of the current situation and screaming "dreadful!" at the top of your lungs, (which it is, but the behavior is counter-productive) try looking around at who - besides the horses - stands to benefit if the stables does improve and become a shining example of what can be done with horses, and go at it from that angle.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Linda said...

I just posted a second blog, trying to let folks know that Camp Pendleton Stables is NOT starving horses, after all, and in fact never were - and my blog disappeared into cyber space, even though the prior blog, in which I reacted strongly to the starvation story, was posted. WHY?!

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Beth said...

I bought a horse on consignment in Big Bear owned by Slim Hart. He was lame and covered with 300 ticks but I couldnt give him back when I found out he was lame....I was too worried about slaughter. He turned out to be an awesome horse, even does combined driving, but I really wish he didnt have the Heart brand and that association.On the other hand Im glad he wasnt slaughtered if he was a rescue.

7:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking of boarding my horse on Camp Pemdleton. I have had horses in many bases around the counrty and for the most part have found them to be just fine.
Mot important are the boarders involvement. IF what you say is true how can the boarders allow this to happen. Especially allowing horses to "wander" does not make sense. Is there someone I can direct my questiosn to on base ?

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also worked at Base Stables for Bill Stepp in 1981 and I am pretty sure he was a retired Sgtmaj not a retired Ltcol as somebody has stated but I will agree he was very knowledgable about horses.

3:30 PM  
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