Saturday, October 01, 2005

Saturday Morning...

Last night myself and several very dedicated people worked for several hours on the dailykos diary that I linked here in another was posted last night (Friday) around 11 approximately 12:30 a.m. it made the RECOMMENDED list on

Now you ask me why I have no life on a Friday? Beats me, so I figure do something worthwhile! Actually I can't remember the last real 'date' I had...but perhaps helping others is more important right!?!

Anyway, the diary is now the TOP RECOMMENDED diary..this is a pretty big thing and I encourage all readers here to follow to help these diaries stay recommended as I write them. Dailykos has huge readership and for what I want to accomplish, it is so very important...

Here is a link to a story that has gotten little attention, but I felt I wanted to share it because of a comment that Mayor Mack from Bogalosa made that while it doesn't seem to matter how mad he gets at the government for their lack of response, the ONE THING that was BETTER was that , the hearses had stopped showing up under his window asking where to put the DEAD BODIES...

Here is another link from 'ePluribus Media' diary is FRONT PAGED THERE. These folks are amazing, they are doing 'PodCasts' with me and those can be found there as well. They have agreed to do interviews/updates as we need them!!!

Hope the comments on this site begin...please sign in and comment!

Talk again soon! Have a lovely and safe weekend.

In Peace


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