Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tirawa's Birthday

It has been a while since I have written anything here, or actually anywhere. I guess I needed some 'down' time from the emotions of having been in Louisiana.

This post is about Tirawa, my best buddy and guardian angel. It is his birthday tomorrow and he'll turn 8.

His name is Pawnee Indian, the myth is that Tirawa was the Pawnee creator and sky god. He taught the skills of speech, clothing, fire-making, hunting, agriculture, body-painting, tobacco smoking, religious rituals and sacrifice. In myths and stories he is generally referred to a "father". The heavenly bodies, winds, thunder, lightning, and rain were his messengers.

I lost Nikketa, my malamute/wolf mix who was so very special to me on November 11, was a devastating loss, as he was in excellent health and one morning his spleen ruptured and while he made it through surgery, when I sat with him later I knew it was his time...I told him to be at peace and to send me a puppy that could guide me.

In December of 1997, Tirawa came into my life...he has been a guardian angel, good friend and inspiration in my life. He is a malamute/timber wolf who is breathtakingly beautiful and the kindest creature you will ever meet.

He has blessed the lives of hundreds and at abit over a year old, he saved a child from drowning.

The latest thing he and I did as a team was travel 5000 miles roundtrip to Louisiana to assist those in needs. While the conditions were horrific and the heat was insufferable, he NEVER complained...he sensed he was needed, not only by me, but by those that had lost everything and those workers that 'roomed' with us at the church.

I will write about Tirawa and share his many stories of life...he is simply an incredible creature of the universe and I am blessed to be his keeper.

Happy Birthday Tirawa! May you bless my life with many more.

I love you and all you stand for. Most importantly, thank you for showing me that life is about more then materialistic things.

Your human...



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