Tuesday, November 22, 2005


What a difficult year this has been for America and the World.

As I reflect upon my own personal trials and tribulations that I've struggled with, I am incredibly thankful for all that I have, even when it seems I have so little.
My trip to Louisiana right after Katrina hit has left a profound impression on my soul and in my heart. There are still over a million people that are homeless, displaced or living in unsafe housing as a result, yet these people still are thankful and they humble me.

I see more and more of our military who have come back from war maimed for life, they humble me. I could NEVER have made the sacrifices that they have and face what many will as they journey through life.

This year I am thankful, for my life, my health, my family and my friends.

Take time to help those less fortuante, not just today or tomorrow, but every day. Take time to listen to those in need and help when you can.

Do not forget the hurricane victims and if you can make a trip to the area and assist, please do so.

Do not forget ANY of our veterans from ANY of the wars, if you can, visit a VA hospital and bring them some baked goods, books and good cheer.

Do not forget our homeless children, or our homeless in general...many are now homeless because of no jobs and having lost everything to circumstances...many just need a helping hand to lift them out of their current situation...perhaps yours.

The best to each and everyone for a beautiful holiday season. Make this season, one NOT to forget....help a fellow American. Take time to listen, to love, to care and to act.


In Peace,
Barbara, Tirawa and Winston


Blogger Joel said...

There was an article in the October 2005 issue of Harpers that raised some interesting points about the "meaning" of disaster as it actually was versus how it played out in the media.

The author concluded that people afflicted with large scale disasters don't turn wild. When they loot, they loot for food. Otherwise, it is not "everyone for himself" but "let's get together and survive this thing".

Disasters cause us to leave our homes and help the neighbors. If left to our own devices, the survivors will rebuild.

The problem is that the Government comes in and begins telling people just how they are to play their parts. "You are the Victim" says Government. "You cannot make decisions for yourself." And Media comes right alongside Government and says "These people can't possibly help themselves. We need Government to take over and tell them how it is going to be."

Consider that "shooting at the helicopter" story that never happened. This is right out of that myth. "We have to move in with our tanks and machine guns because everyone is going crazy."

But they aren't. They're being civil and helpful in ways that you don't see in everyday life. I remember how this happened after the 1989 Loma Prieta Quake. What I learned is that I could trust my neighbors when the going got rough.

Now the Government is trying to rebuild New Orleans into a different city and that's sad. More good is being done by the strippers who are donating the whole of their tips to hurricane relief than by FEMA.

What people need in a crisis are the material goods to survive and rebuilt. My feeling is that once they have those, the do-badders should just get out of the way.

BTW, this doesn't include people like you, Barbara. This is expressly dedicated to FEMA and the Bush Administration. And welcome back. :D

2:39 PM  
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