Friday, August 26, 2005

Coronado Protest - Tuesday (8/30/05)

Dear All,

We are gonna go a protestin' and rallyin' come Tuesday a.m.! Come on down and join the fun, remember, we are the PEACEFUL ones okay?

I will be DRIVING from Oceanside. I want to leave by 4:30 a.m. (so what if it is in the middle of the night, we will find a Starbucks that opens at 5 on the way down!).

I have a crewcab truck, can fit 5-6 in the cabs and will also put carpet in the bed (which has a topper on it) and floor pillows, so for those that are younger, more agile and adventuresome, you can ride there, probably 4-6 there! Wow, almost a bus now!

Everyone can pitch in a couple of bucks for fuel if you can! We'd get there by 6. They are allowing people who were invited in at 6 a.m. apparently, so don't we ALL want to be there when they are lining up on the road to the gate?!?!?!

If anyone is going to drive, let us know from where and how many people you can take, we have 72 hours folks...not alot of time! Let's get to it!

We had almost 20,000 people at the vigils in LA and SD areas...wouldn't it be grand to get a couple thousand for this!

We'll probably be back in O'side after 11 a.m.!


In Peace,


BUSH IN CORONADO on Tuesday - PROTESTS anyone?!?!

So mom reads this article to me:

of course my ears perk up and I'm thinking that with almost 10,000 people in San Diego county having attended vigils just a little over a week ago, we need to get say, heck 1/3 of them over to Coronado.

Then you can take it one step about a "Camp Casey" on the beach beginning Monday?!?! we can then be in place for a nice little ralley when our friend Shrub shows up.

Please pass this on and let's post on our blog here as to interest. We can easily get the press and wouldn't the Crawford folks be THRILLED!

So my friends in peace...pass the word...Coronado!!!!

In peace


Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ahhhnold's poll numbers going south

... It was only a matter of time. His one-liners may have worked on the big screen, but when you're trying to explain why not a whole lot has changed since you kicked the last governor out of office... not so much.

Feinstein scrutinizes Roberts

There's been pitifully little news about Supreme Court appointee John Roberts lately - the most recent being Sen. Feinstein's remarks that she is concerned about the role Roberts may take regarding Roe v. Wade.

More here.

I think it's time that we push to get a full examination of Roberts' documented opinions on such issues.

Contact Sen. Feinstein and support her effort to find out the truth behind Roberts' motives as a Supreme Court justice.

The new crusade

You would have thought that after many hundreds of years, some members of the Christian fold would have softened somewhat on the subject of murdering others "In the name of God." Pat Robertson is a shining example of how the religious right's extreme crusader mentality can do nothing but embarrass and hurt our country.

I'm sure you've heard it by now... Robertson, once again, proclaims from the safety of his television studio that someone has to die because they don't jibe with his views. The Washington post has an excellent article on the subject here.

This isn't the first time Robertson has sent down a fatwa calling for the removal of someone (or many someones) he sees as standing in the way between him and a truly holy, white-washed, sanitized America. Most recently, he spent a lot of time praying about the Supreme Court.

What we're seeing here is yet another example of hypocrisy in extremist conservative Christianity. When Bush in 2003 asked Liberian President Charles Taylor, indicted for war crimes, to step down, Robertson's response was:

How dare the president of the United States say to the duly elected president of another country, "You've got to step down."

It's no small surprise he feels this way, considering his huge investment in Liberian gold mining. Strange that he feels so strongly about supporting the overthrow of other world leaders, namely those who openly oppose the Bush Administration.

Simply put, Venezuelan oil is a challenge to the Bush administration's attempt to corner the market on fossil fuel. They tried to incite the Venezuelan people to vote out (i.e. "overthrow") Chavez in recent years. This failed to happen. Bush administration heap big annoyed, and meat puppets like Robertson continue to toe the party line, spewing talking points with a dangerous edge to the paranoid shut-ins of America.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Cindy will be back in Crawford TODAY

Says it all! Go to and he will be covering tonite live, Joan Baez concert at Camp Casey and Cindy's arrival back!


Here is the link from DailyKos today from a diary.

Am listening to him currently.

Amanda, or anyone who knows how to contact AirAmerica...they can stream this guy 24/7...they need to be notified....let's try to get this going for him!

In Peace,


Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A victory for California's same-sex couples

Stating that both members of a same-sex couple are equally responsible for any children that result from their relationship if the couple breaks up doesn't sound like a victory, but it is. It can be hard for us to wrap our brains about it, but ruling in this way, even though it relates to a negative situation with the couple, is paving the way for total same-sex equal rights. Ruling that gay couples with children have the same rights and responsibilities as straight couples with children is one step closer to giving gay couples the recognition as a legitimate union, and who knows... perhaps one day allowing them to marry!

Monday, August 22, 2005

From Randy Gold...up LA way!

Am posting this for Randy:

Seems like lots of Southern Californians are heading out to Washington, DC for the anti Iraq war march in September. For those of us who are still debating or who don't know much about what's going on, I've put together a web page ( with info for Southern Californians about transportation to DC, accommodations, and links to the various event organizers (including what's going on in L.A. that weekend.) I thought you might want to post this link in your newsletters, informal distributions and/or blogs/web sites to help spread the idea that going to D.C. is quite doable and is something to consider seriously. I've also posted info about last minute trips to Crawford, TX this week, including a bus leaving from L.A. this Wednesday (8/24) with Gold Star Father, Bill Mitchell. Contact tonia4@earthlink.netOh, and a link as well to the new chart topper "The Ballad of Cindy Sheehan" by Playing In Traffic (from Neighbors For Peace & Justice, Studio City.)Peace,RandyTravel to Washington, D.C. for the Anti-war march (Sept. 24-26)Make your plans for the march on Washington, DC! Many of your local colleagues are already going. Information for Southern Californians on transportation to D.C., accommodations, and links to the various event organizers. Info on the events being planned in DC that weekend (much more than just a big rally, but that's the main event on the 24th), and also info on Los Angeles area events that weekend.

The Lone Star Iconoclast

Has it really just been a bit over two weeks since Cindy Sheehan arrived in Crawford?

I remember the morning she was due to be there, I was reading various diaries on DailyKos and thought, damn, no one is mentioning Cindy going to Crawford and we need to get on the press... Me, knowing little to nothing about doing a diary wrote one from my heart, saying, we MUST contact the press and insist they cover her...

I then had my dogs to walk and life to get on with for the day. I checked back an hour or so later and my goodness, my diary had made the recommended list!!! People were thirsty to do this and see Cindy get noticed. So I sat down and contacted press on my own...I did a search for the Crawford paper, it was named the "Lone Star Iconoclast"...I called them, not certain what they would say.

It ends up they were delightful! The gentleman I talked to said that they had heard she was on her way and that they would like to talk with her! So I blogged that along and by golly, this little paper has kicked butt ever since!!!

This is an article that they did on Joan Baez....Joan was in Del Mar with Michael Moore and is amazing (at least to me). For some reason, this article made me cry, I think it was because of what the young man that plays taps did....


In Peace,

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Casey Sheehan Bracelets

This incredible woman from over Dailykos way posted one day and showed a photo of this lovely bracelet that she made for herself in honor of Casey and those we have lost...I immediately asked her if I could order one, then quite a few others did the same.

Here is her blog link with the bracelet...

I just received mine yesterday and it is so lovely....she put a lovely hand written note in which reads: " Casey" "To remember those lost and honor the search for truth. Thank you for helping to support Gold Star Families for Peace and The Crawford Peace House."

She is asking $15 w/$10 going toward the above...

In Peace


The pro-Bush camp in Crawford

Barbara brought up a good point to me about the movement on the pro-Bush side to counter Camp Casey in Crawford. From what I've read, they can't even be original about it.

You would think, by watching the news, that most people think Cindy Sheehan is a loon and are scrambling to support the president. As we can see from recent polls, this is not the case.

And as we saw at our recent vigil in support of Cindy Sheehan, the majority of people were with us, with one lone protestor against our event. People were walking in off the street to join us. And this was in Oceanside, home of Camp Pendleton and the military core of Southern California.

So... don't believe the hype. If the media were covering the events in Crawford accurately, we would see a huge movement in favor of Sheehan through the support she is getting from people from all over the country, not just the opposition in Texas - one of the few states in which Bush is polling positively.

ABC-Salt Lake City, refuses to air advertisement w/Cindy Sheehan

I just sent the following email over to: in Salt Lake City.

As you know, the Shrub feels the need to take a vacation away from his vacation. The mayor of SLC has asked for a MAJOR demonstration when Shrub & Co show up there tomorrow.

ABC refused to air Cindy's ad saying something to the affect that it would 'upset viewers' here is my email to them:

Dear ABC affiliate:

It saddens me that the powers that be at your station refuse to air an ad which reflects a MOTHER of a KIA'd SOLDIER asking for answers. This will upset your viewership how?

I hosted a vigil in Oceanside, California on Wednesday, August 17, 2005 to stand in solidarity with Cindy (whom I know...interestingly enough, she isn't a 'nut' case at all, but a very intelligent, articulate woman who wants answers about this illegal war and that just flat ass scares the press and this administration). I didn't send out the canned 'Press Release', but an invitation for the media to join us.

Oceanside is home to Camp Pendleton, over 20,000 marines are deployed from here and over 500 have shed their blood in Iraq and will not be coming home to families...thousands are walking wounded and their lives have been ruined.

Interestingly ABC and NBC showed up for the vigil in OCEANSIDE, interestingly enough they initially balked. I had told them it would be their loss, not mine, if they chose not to attend, that their viewers would be the ones that would be upset for not having been shown this.

That we who are against the war and who stand in solidarity with Cindy and the Gold Star Families, are not 'peacenuts', 'beatniks', 'hippies, who smoke dope'....last time I checked, I had an advanced degree and am a successful business woman with a history involving the military.

I received calls that out of the 20 vigils held in San Diego alone, that ABC and NBC would both be at Oceanside...they said they would only be there for awhile, then they wanted to go to others.

They came at 6-6:30 p.m.....neither stations left until after 8:30 see, they couldn't. They saw over 200 people coming together, from all walks of lives, Vietnam Vets, Korean Vets, WWII vets and widows and current Iraq vets standing side by side in solidarity. We saw rich, poor, successful and unemployed. We had military wives with children. The news media (including our local newpaper) were drawn in, not only by our message, but by the group itself...

What hit me the hardest and this is when I knew I was doing the right thing, by standing in solidarity with Cindy, was when on the perimeter, numerous young (I call them 'baby') Marines stood and observed...I went to them, introduced myself, told them that I was there for them, to ask questions of our Administration that they cannot, due to being in the military.

These were men under 21, all had done at LEAST 2 tours in Iraq, most were going back within months for a THIRD...their eyes were empty and so sad, so incredibly sad.

I went to hug them and they couldn't bring themselves to hug me...and I told each one to be was then they would put their arms around me and weep.

They did not join our circle, but afterwards they came to me and thanked me and told me what I did was beautiful and not what the press was trying to imply, that we were evil.

So you see ABC4 in Salt Lake is freedom of speech, it is DEMANDING accountability of our Administration, it is about these young guys.

What you are doing is WRONG, just plain WRONG. You can either step up to the plate as the momentum grows to make this Administration accountable, or you can sit back and spew some general b.s. statements as you have been doing.

Again, I ask you, how will airing the Cindy Sheehan ad upset your viewers, except to make them question the Administrations accountability.

With, or without you, AMERICA is going to take AMERICA BACK.


Barbara Schulz


This is pretty exciting stuff folks. As you know Paul Hackett, just missed winning a seat in congress and his team mobilized and did amazing things (with the help of the 'kos' community), in a very short period of time.

Just read this post and I believe we need to get behind this guy!

CA:48th:The Hackett Team Joins Candidate Steve Young in CA-48! by BigDog04 [Subscribe]

Sun Aug 21st, 2005 at 00:02:48 PDT
The Paul Hackett OH-02 Field Team hit the ground today in the CA-48th Congressional District, with more coming, and joined with Steve Young to provide him with the best in professional campaign services so his Candidacy can win the CA-48th. Those at the DFA Training and Meeting today had an opportunity to meet them and see Steve Young in action.

Link for the entire diary is below:

In my district (49th), there needs to be a strong candidate to challenge ISSA. It seems he has never voted for ANYTHING when it comes to veterans...prettys scary since his district includes Camp Pendleton....

Send a message to Laura

CODEPINK has been keeping vigil at Camp Casey in Crawford, and they are asking that we seek the help of another mother to get Bush's attention...

On Thursday, we had a wonderful “mother’s day” at the camp where all day long, women at the vigil and around the country wrote letters to Laura Bush asking her to intercede with her husband on Cindy’s behalf. In just 24 hours after putting out the call, we received over 500 letters to the First Lady from the women of America—one more poignant than the next. We’ll include a sample on our website, and if you’d like to add your own, email it to
We can’t tell you how inspiring it has been to be by Cindy’s side and see this movement blossom. CODEPINK will be here until Cindy gets her meeting with Bush, or leaves at the end of August.
With love and optimism,
Alicia, Dana, Farida, Gael, Jodie, Medea, Tiffany and Whitney (CODEPINK)

Surely, a mother and good Christian like Mrs. Bush would have compassion for all the parents in America who have lost a beloved son or daughter to this war... wouldn't she?

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