Saturday, September 03, 2005

It's not just people who need help

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, we should realize that there are possibly thousands of homeless, hurt animals who also need help. One charity that is undertaking the effort to help pets effected by Katrina is Noah's Wish:

The Humane Society is also racing to save animals in the areas hit by the hurricane:

Chief Justice Rehnquist dies of cancer

...Just what we need at the moment.

More on this later. Any bets that his replacement will be an absolute Nazi in comparison to Roberts?

Saturday...Preparation begins.

Here is a website that MUST be read:

Wow! People are mobilizing. I just got off the telephone with some folks in El Cajon that are putting together donations necessary in the way of SIMPLE clothes, diapers, medical supplies, shoes, blankets and so forth.

They have had a very rich individual offer to charter a 737. If this is true, there will be a huge amount of space for donations.

These are people that feel that it is necessary to get things to the people and want to see 100% get to the refugees, not maybe 50% after the fact as happens with the various organizations.

I am coordinating with them.

Phone calls are being made for what is needed for me to travel safe there. Anyone who has connections and can make calls please do so.


Tires - for a 2003 Duramax Diesel Chevy Truck HD 3/4 ton.

A Chevy dealership to do a complete check of the above truck and perform an oil change, fuel filter change, check brakes, shocks/struts, etc.

Trailer for donations

Donations for fuel for the trip

Laptop w/satelite
Digital camera/video recorder

Later today, after I make calls, I will post a 'wish list' and we will then see what happens.

PAYPAL will be set up later today on this site, also I have a 'donation' account set up at US BANK. You can go into any US BANK and deposit whatever you can afford to. Please contact me directly for the account number.

Accounting of all donations will be done and posted here as I have time. Money will be used for fuel and expenses. I am hoping all the supplies and requests will be donated directly and not need to be bought.

If I take a trailer into Texas and unload at one of the refugee spots, it is my hope to coordinate in that town to have a load ready and take it into the hurricane area...perhaps Covington, LA.

Yes, I have room for a rider, perhaps two...but I'm definitely taking one dog.

Also, there are a number of mid-wives that want to go and assist IMMEDIATELY. I will get more contact information on the other efforts in Southern California and post them here.

Please donate what you can...look for the paypal to be up within the next few hours.

Or US BANK: "OCEAN RELIEF FUND" (contact me for the account number)

Beyond words...

As the news pours out of New Orleans since the Katrina disaster, it has become more apparent than ever that the Bush administration ignored warnings about what a hurricane of this magnitude might do to the area, and furthermore neglected to send the troops, food, water and means of evacuation for its victims.

There's so much out in the blogoshpere right now about this issue and how Katrina may further damage Bush's tarnished image. Bush can't even give his brief appearance in New Orleans without looking confused and befuddled... perhaps because he wasn't met by a cheering crowd made up entirely of his supporters. The head of FEMA proves himself to be completely inadequate to the task. The relief effort comes in three days late and several million dollars short. Mass chaos, death, starvation and devastation reign in New Orleans. And our government wants to talk about the estate tax.

These people have no shame. They have no decency.

Call Sens. Feinstein and Boxer NOW, please. Frist and his fellow Republicans are callously focused on the almighty dollar in the face of human suffering, and the Dems. in office need to do everything in their power to bring this latest ghoulish action to a screeching halt.

Unfortunately, this disaster has brought to bear with many Americans what we already knew about this administration - we are dealing with an oligarchy, and if you aren't one of the 'haves', like Bush and his cronies, you are just as expendable as the 'have nots' in New Orleans. Why bother with messy issues like natural disasters when you can play guitar on stage like a country star, or ride bikes with Lance Armstrong, or try to repeal more tax dollars that go to help prevent things like what just happened in New Orleans. Dealing with issues like natural disasters takes leadership... something that Bush clearly cannot offer. When normally vapid anchors on cable news are loosing it during interviews about Katrina, you know something's really wrong with your country.

And as more and more people come to realize that something's wrong with our country, the question starts to get asked... what if this hadn't been a hurricane? What if this had been one of those terrorist attacks that the Bush administration threatened us with throughout the last campaign cycle? What if this had been Chicago or LA or, god forbid, New York once again? Would it take three days for help to get to any of those cities in the wake of an attack?

We're looking at three possibilities here. One, that this administration badly bungled an honest attempt to aid the people in the Gulf Cost area both before and after the damage. Two, that the administration willfully withheld aid and stalled planning and action before and after the damage, for any number of reasons (the major ones possibly that those most devastated are black and poor). And three - and perhaps the scariest possibility - that the government wouldn't have been able to do any better than they did if they wanted to due to the lack of funds and resources thanks to the Iraq war. And if that's the case... god help us all if a terrorist attack ever happens again in this country.

Bush won his re-election on a platform of 9-11, security in the face of a threat to American safety, and the war. Now when he's faced with yet another disaster on American soil, we see that his blank stare in that classroom in 2001 was no fluke. It's easy to play like you're a cowboy when lives aren't at stake. He clearly cannot provide the leadership he so often promises when there are.

As you see in Barbara's previous post, we are in the process of working out what we can do in our area to help the victims, whether it is a donated goods drive or physically going to the area to volunteer with the victims. Whatever it is, we'll post it here and keep everyone in touch.

In the meanwhile, please keep the people affected by this disaster in your thoughts...

Friday, September 02, 2005

An Introduction....

As many of you know, I have been thinking about going to the hurricane stricken area...well the decision has been made.

I intend to leave on September 12th. For those of you who pray, pray that this all comes together, for those that meditate or do something else, please send energy toward me for this trip.

The logistics to do this the way I want are huge. I need help, I'm reaching out to everyone here and asking you to pass the word.

What I promise you is that WE collectively, who are all a part of this will make a difference and do good.

I opened a 'donation' account at US Bank. I will give that information later this evening when I begin my 'journal' here. I will also explain how money donations will be used.

I am also working on a trailer to tow with me so that I can take SIMPLE clothing items, shoes, blankets, pillows, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, etc.

So please put on your thinking caps, I need alot of supplies including a laptop with satelite/wireless, a digital camera and a video recorder.

If someone out there wants to go with, all I ask is you know computer stuff and can video.


I'm 47 and traveled extensively throughout the U.S. I've trained horses, been (and still am) a litigation paralegal, am a licensed massage therapist and have just received my real estate license and will be coming back to begin a new career after this trip.

Not a rich person financially, that is another reason for the cry for 'help' here. Live in a small studio in Oceanside California with my two dogs...Tirawa (malamute/wolf) and Winston (jack russell). They will go with me, Winston will be 'farmed' out at a good friends in Austin Texas, Tirawa will make the trip. I'll post pictures when Amanda tells me how!

I have bills like everyone, I'm struggling somewhat, but not as bad as those refugees in the hurricane zone. I'm going to suck up my pride and ask those that I pay monthly if they will forgo ONE month of my bills...we will see.

So far I've contacted the Oceanside City Council and North County Times, no replies yet, but it is a three day weekend...

I need to eat something now and relax abit and make notes, lots of notes, as I think of things I must write them down....

Please join me in my journey...beginning here and now. I welcome you. I welcome your questions, concerns, thoughts and prayers.

Together we will help those who have nothing, we must, we are all Americans and humans.

I intend to help both the humans and the creatures, I've been trained to handle both in a crisis.

In Peace


Thursday, September 01, 2005


Letter to the Editor

I can't imagine they will publish this, but stranger things happen and perhaps fish will fly.

I will be writing more later many thoughts in my mind and so much heartbreak in my heart. It seems I may need to go to the Gulf to assist...perhaps protesting in Washington isn't as important, but that will all be discussed in a later 'blog'...

This presidency has failed, totally and completely. This Administration has proven to be nothing more then a group of lying, self-righteous people who haven't a clue what it is to live any type of a moral life.
Mr. Bush MUST step down, as must his entire Administration.
We as Americans have been lied to for the entire 'reign' of King George and his Merrymen. We are in a war with no justification and that was begun on lies. We now are seeing the worse catastrophy in American history and our National Guard is in Iraq, the military equipment is in Iraq, the MONEY has all gone to Iraq (Oh, and to HALLIBURTON), something like a half a TRILLION dollars so far.
There are thousands that have lost their lives, HUNDREDS of thousands that are refugees, Americans are shooting at Americans, there is no law and order and did I mention that our NATIONAL GUARD is in IRAQ?
King George, you are pathetic. Your taking vacation during war was appalling enough. The fact that you continued your vacation and and thought bought and paid for photo ops were more important then LEADING during a NATIONAL DISASTER...well, that is just CRIMINAL.
King George, step down, we don't trust you anymore. You have compromised AMERICA for over 3 years with your illegal war and now our own country is sinking.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


An the man that we are suppose to call "President" is doing flippin' sick photo ops at Coronado...

New Orleans is underwater, millions are displaced indefinitely, the environment is shot in that part of the country, there will be thousands that lose their lives and BUSH is getting a guitar.

He has not been indicted and Impeachment proceedings have not been started WHY?

Here is a post on DailyKos currently.

Relief for hurricane victims

After a nasty head cold, I'm back, and like Barbara, the victims of hurricane Katrina are on my mind.

If you'd like to make a donation to the victims to help them get back on their feet, please go here:

I grew up in Oklahoma, and personally saw the damage an F5 tornado did to my hometown. Hard-working people were left with next to nothing after that tornado was finished with them. From what I've read and heard about this hurricane, the flooding and damage is unbelievable. Please do something if you can.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

This storm wasn't suppose to be but a little tropical storm that hit Florida. It hit Florida and became a hurricane, then killed quite a few unsuspecting people. Then the weather folks took notice and said that it could get strong, maybe Category 3 when it hit the gulf.

It is now BEARING down on New Orleans as a Category 5. It could wipe out the city, to say nothing of thousands of lives. The industry that will be destroyed there will include oil refineries, chemical plants and any number of toxic waste, which will leave that entire are of the country a toxic sesspool and the potential health issues as a result.

We all need to take time to pray/meditate and hold the millions that will be devastated in our thoughts and prayers....these are Americans and we must hold them near our hearts.

If you can become a Red Cross volunteer, they will need people to go to the areas hit the hardest...if I'm called to go, I will have room to take people.

We are blessed right now...

In Peace and with my thoughts with those in the path of the hurricane.


CORONADO UPDATE - Monday nite vigil/Tuesday Protest

Happy Sunday!

Here is an email I just received from San Diego CPJ.

I am willing to drive to Coronado tomorrow NITE, IF I have 3 other riders at least (can take 4 easily). Would leave by 6 p.m.

Again, I am driving down from O'side at 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday and can take alot of folks in my me as to where to meet to jump in the truck!!!

We need thousands there on Tuesday and at the very least several hundred tomorrow nite...let's roll folks!!!

Post here if you have rider space, from where and which event!


Give Bush the Welcome He Deserves! George Bush will be in town August 29 and 30 to mark the anniversary of Japan's surrender and the end of WWII at a ceremony at the North Island Naval Air Station.1. There will be a candelight vigil Monday evening, August 29, 7 p.m. at the Hotel Del Coronado where Bush will be staying. Details about where to gather will be posted tomorrow (Sunday).2. Demonstration at NASNI Main Gate on Alameda, Coronado, Tuesday, August 30, 6 a.m. From the North County Coalition for Peace and Justice will open at 6:00 a.m. for the 10,000 "invited guests" and the ceremony will take place at 8:00 a.m. True to form, this will be a harbor-side event so protestors can be kept far from this location. However, the road leading to North Island inCoronado would be a good protest location. Since parking in Coronado is scarce and parking laws are enforced, the North County Coalition for Peace and Justice will be using public transportation to get there. Directions from North County are below; San Diego people should check with the bus company to figure out best route for themselves to arrive at demonstration location: NAS NORTH ISLAND MAIN GATE on Alameda.Don't forget to bring your favorite signs -- but no woodsticks (cardboard tubes are OK)Trip to North Island from North County:Coaster Regular Fare: $ 5.25 Senior & Disabled Fare: $ 2.50 Meet at Oceanside Transit Center at 5:15 AM (That's right 5:15 AM! At 05:23 AM we will take the COASTER to SAN DIEGO (last car) ·Get off the stop at SANTA FE DEPOT at approximately 06:21 AM. ·At 06:50 AM take the 903 Bus to NAS NORTH ISLAND MAIN GATE ·Get off the stop on 4TH ST at ALAMEDA BLVD/NASNI MAIN GATE atapproximately 07:13 AM. ·Walk approx. 1 block NE on Alameda Blvd. Total walking is 0.11miles. to NORTH ISLANDReturn trip (leave at 9:00 AM)Regular Fare: $ 5.75 Senior & Disabled Fare: $ 2.75 ·walk 0.1 mile SE from NORTH ISLAND to 3RD ST at I AVE ·At 09:13 AM take the 901 Bus DOWNTOWN to SAN DIEGO ·Get off the stop on BROADWAY at KETTNER at approximately 09:41 AM. ·At 09:45 AM take the COASTER to OCEANSIDE·Get off the stop at OCEANSIDE TRANSIT CENTER(ARRIVE) at approximately 10:42 AM.

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