Tuesday, January 03, 2006

N. California Solar Living Institute NEEDS HELP

This was off of DailyKos this evening and given the flooding up north, I felt it was very important to post it here.

If anyone can assist, please do so, pass the word, lend support however you can!

Thank you.

N. Cal. Solar Living Institute- WORST FLOOD IN 50 YEARS!
by KumarP [Subscribe]

Tue Jan 03, 2006 at 07:34:01 PM PDT

Yesterday, I blogged about this important matter here. A lot of Kossacks were moved by the plight of this bastion of sustainability here in Mendocino County, CA.
The Solar Living Center is home of the Solar Living Institute, a nonprofit dependent on donations for its existence. The Institute is all about promoting renewable energy and sustainability, and showcases it with many beautiful, walk-through installations at the 12-acre site.
Right now, they really need your help!
Yesterday, I showed pictures of some of the most dramatic damage they incurred, including a fully submerged biodiesel station that sells my company's fuel.
Today, I'd like to present more information from the Solar Living Institute's new flood website:
see below...
KumarP's diary :: ::
The Worst Flood Since 1955 Has Inundated the Solar Living Institute Causing up to $150,000 in Damage.
Volunteers Are Needed for Cleanup(a volunteer sign up form will be available online Wed., Jan. 4)
Donations Are Needed for Our Rebuilding Effort
On early Saturday morning, December 31, the flood waters from the Russian River and Feliz Creek completely inundated the Solar Living Center in Hopland, California, forcing our interns to be stranded and evacuated while the parking lot quickly became 10 feet deep in water.
Soon thereafter the interns' geodesic dome burned to the ground after they had fled, causing us to lose much of our valuable archive material from our sustainable living workshops as well as all of our furniture and kitchen appliances that fed our interns.
Other damage to the site includes the following:
* our brand new yurt floated 150 yards away * two pickups, a vanogan, an intern's car and an employee's car, and our tractor were submerged and destroyed * much of our SolFest signage and event materials were destroyed * most of our natural buildings were damaged or destroyed * all of our storage areas and our maintenance shed are gone * many of our site tools were damaged or destroyed * additional damage was done to landscape, fences, the dock, and the road
The good news is no one was hurt, and nothing was damaged to prevent our 2006 workshop program from continuing operation.
Won't you please help us with a donation to help us rebuild from our losses and create more learning opportunities for our visitors?
Our goal is to raise $150,000 by January 31, 2006.
All donations of $50 or more will be commemorated on our Solar Living Institute Flood Relief Plaque. We encourage our generous donors to put in $100, $500, or $1,000 or more if you can afford it. If each one of our 2500 members put in just $60, we could reach our goal.
Please make an online contribution to our Flood Relief Fund.
Volunteers Needed:
We need all the volunteers we can find to help us clean the site, dump the trash, cleanse the mud, and put our site back together. If you have a few hours or a few days this month to volunteer, please complete our volunteer form. (A volunteer sign up form will be available online Wed., Jan. 4.)
Together we can Rise Up and Be Whole Again!
Thanks for your support!
Thank you for reading this. Yesterday's diary almost made the recommend list- thank you everyone who read it and also to those of you who added tags. I'm really trying to get a lot of Kossacks to see this, as I think it's very much in line with the progressive agenda, and that Kossacks could really help a battered ally get back on its feet.
End of sermon.

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